FAQ for UV Water Disinfection and Treatment Systems December 03 2013

We get asked lots of questions about the UV Water Treatment Systems we sell.  We've compiled a list of the most common questions and answers to these questions.  We hope you find it useful!


I want to purify my water, what will a UV system do?

This same question gets asked in lots of different ways and it's the most common inquiry we receive.  Our ultraviolet (UV) water purification systems have one purpose:  to destroy living organisms in drinking water.  If you're concerned about bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms such as cryptosporidium or giardia being in your drinking water, a UV system is the perfect way to protect yourself.  With this being said, we do sell a very popular system that comes with other pre-filters attached to it, but the purpose of the UV by itself is simply to kill living organisms - nothing more, nothing less.


What will a UV system NOT do?

Alright, we made this one up!  But it's a really useful way to make it very clear what our products can and can't do.  UV systems (by themselves) will not:

  • make water taste different (for better or worse)
  • destroy or remove chemicals in water
  • soften water
  • remove or destroy particulate matter
  • remove the tint or colour in water


What organisms will a UV system kill?

First, a minor correction to this question - UV systems technically don't kill anything.  UV light (the very specific 254nm wavelength) has the unique ability to penetrate a living cell and irreparably damage the DNA.  A bacteria, virus, or cyst with sufficiently damaged DNA can't function and it certainly cannot reproduce which is what causes infection in people and other animals.  The organism dies shortly after it's irradiated because it can't carry out the many functions required to keep it alive.

So, the proper question is:  What organisms will a UV system inactivate?  The list is very long (that's good for you!) and covers the vast majority of common and exotic waterborne pathogens (a fancy name for disease causing organisms).  You can find the list here.


Why does aQuatell sell Viqua UV systems only?

Great question - there are a few reasons for this.  We have lots of experience with a number of the worlds leading UV system brands.  Quite simply, we are very impressed with the build quality, disinfection performance, and company philosophy.  We've been to the factory, we've met the people, and we've sold and serviced this brand for over a decade.  It is engineered to under-promise and over-deliver.  It doesn't break down often, and when it does the warranty is the longest, most comprehensive, and easiest we've come across.  In short, we haven't found better value yet (we deal with 5 other UV system manufacturers).


Can I use an aQuatell UV system with my rainwater harvesting set-up?

We can't think of a better application!  Any water collected from the environment runs the risk of a number of biological threats.  Specific to rainwater harvesting is the risk of picking up micro-organisms from bird droppings, dead insects, and decaying vegetation on the roof or overhanging trees.  The extent to which this water should be purified is a function of its intended use.  If you're going to be watering the garden with it, you may not want to treat it at all.  But, if you intend to use the water in your home we highly recommend our whole home all-in-one UV system to make this water safe.